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Welcome to our website and to the Transitions Recovery Program community. Located in South Florida, we have been recognized as a national leading provider of cost-effective, high quality drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment solutions which have been helping those in need of recovery since 1985.

Transitions Recovery Program was conceived and designed by addiction treatment professionals with many years of experience who have a passion for helping chemically dependent clients and their families. A true muti –disciplinary team comprised of physicians, ASAM certified psychiatrists, psychologists, addictions professional, nurses, and marriage – family therapists come together to offer a program of treatment that provides practical solutions to the very real problem of addiction and alcoholism.

Transitions alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation clinics can help you or your loved one get clean and sober.

Since 1985, the Transitions team is dedicated to the belief that all of our patients are unique individuals possessing the ability to lead productive lives. Recovery demands freedom from substance abuse and the integration of a personal philosophy of life that promotes growth and change, in not only the individual, but also the entire family. When developing a recovery plan for any of our clients, we think long term. We try our best to cover every possible situation, and train our patients to face it with courage and wisdom. We teach, give advice, and lead our patients in the right direction. Most importantly, our alcohol, drug rehab center professes the idea of self independency. As our clients progress in treatment, we insure that they become less dependent on us and more capable at making their own decisions.

Our addiction rehabilitation programs are committed to assisting our patients and family members with their own growth, thus enabling them to re-discover their self-esteem and return to their productive fulfilling life. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol, drug or substance abuse, we can help. Please contact us today and make the call that can save a life – 1.800.626.1980.

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Transitions saved my life in 2005. They taught me how to accept my disease and work on it so i could change. They told me that I was not a bad person but a sick person, looking to get better. The reminded me that I have a choice in life and I also have a higher power who will not, or never has left me. I learned about drug addiction and alcoholism. I thank Vernon and all the staff for putting me on right track. ***** Always Lora F. And her daughter, Renee Garcia ;).
Renee G.
I want to take the time to thank the entire team at Transitions Recovery Center for giving my daughter, myself and my husband a second chance at Life. It seems like only yesterday that we spoke to Maria during our initial process of finding a treatment center that would take the time to answer all the questions that my husband and I had after weeks and weeks of researching for the right place. We felt hopeless; helpless; and didn’t know what resources were out that would help us make the right decision for the treatment that our daughter so desperately needed. After attending different seminars, talking to friends and making several calls everywhere around the country, we finally felt that we truly made the call that can save our lives after 1:45 minutes that we spent on the phone with Maria. She took the time to answer every question; every concern and made us feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but that the journey was not going to be easy. My husband and I cried for hours and hours and did not want to accept the fact that our only child was an addict and why did it have to happen to us. Maria explained to us all the different things that over her many years of experience she herself had faced with other parents and that this truly was the best call that we had ever made if we wanted to save the life of our baby. Letting her go away for treatment was so so hard on our family, and not being there next to her was an extremely difficult time to accept, but nevertheless it was something that we needed to do. The team at Transitions was always there to answer any of our questions as we called them several times with tears in our eyes on every single call. Today, after several weeks and endless months of feeling like not living any longer, I am happy to say that we all got out lives back and it is thanks to the entire administrative and clinical team at Transitions Recovery that we can again see the purpose of living. Thank you so very much for making us feel that we made the call that saved all of our lives !
Peter M.