The Top Signs of Drug Addiction in Teens

The signs of teen drug addiction and abuse cover a wide range of possible scenarios, from sneaking alcohol or prescription medications out of the home, to “huffing” toxic inhalants like gasoline and, as reported recently, even cinnamon.

If you suspect drug addiction, you may be alerted by some physical or behavioral cues.

Physical signs of drug abuse

A teen or adult using […]

Research Connects Alcohol Abuse and Bulimia

In many cases, substance abuse is not an isolated behavior. The sad fact is that someone who is abusing alcohol or drugs may also be abusing his or her body in other ways.  This is not always the case but the obsessive or compulsive thought patterns that lead to substance abuse might also lead a person to engage in […]

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Photographer Documents Heroin Addict’s Recovery

By Jeannie Colter
When photographer Tony Fouhse began to photograph heroin addict Stephanie MacDonald, he didn’t seem to think their acquaintance would have an upbeat result. Based on Fouhse’s own interpretation, it was not a solo creative project but a collaboration: he wanted to take pictures of MacDonald and she agreed. As he tells, they were “…two people who […]

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Narcotics Anonymous Celebrates 60th Anniversary

By Jeannie Colter
During the Labor Day Weekend, former substance abusers gathered for affirmation and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Narcotics Anonymous. This group, which took its inspiration from Alcoholics Anonymous, supports people in recovery for narcotics addiction. Although there was some trepidation about such a gathering, we believe that the city of Philadelphia was understanding of the need […]

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Jersey Drug Rehab Center

By Jeannie Colter
Some substance abusers are lucid enough to take part in choosing a New Jersey Drug Rehab. Others are not and it is up to those closest to them to choose an addiction recovery program. You may be feeling that this is a serious responsibility and wonder if you can make the right choice. We’ve included a few […]

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

By Jeannie Colter
When it becomes evident that a loved one needs to go to a Florida treatment center, there are a thousand things going through everyone’s minds. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may not have much time to wait. Taking your time to visit and consider a number of drug and alcohol treatment centers may be […]

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Lindsay Lohan Admits to Alcohol Addiction

By Jeannie Colter reports that in an interview Lindsay Lohan told Oprah Winfrey that she “feels clear-headed and whole” after spending three months in a Florida drug and alcohol rehab facility.  The article headline, “Lindsay Lohan admits to Oprah Winfrey she is addicted to alcohol” makes a very important point: which is that one part of overcoming addiction is […]

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Feds Tackle Florida to Connecticut Prescription Drug Smuggling

By Jeannie Colter
It is possible the drug abuse and drug addiction in Connecticut is not what you think it is. Despite the changes in our society, many people still think of illicit drug use as something that only happens in dangerous areas or to people who don’t seem to be doing much in life. This is far from true. […]

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Arianna Huffington’s Daughter Discusses Cocaine Addiction

By Jeannie Colter
Christina Huffington is the daughter of wealthy and well-known parents—her mother is Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington and her father is a former congressman—with many of the advantages that come along with being a child or privilege but disappointed and addiction don’t have any boundaries. In a revealing interview, Huffington told Glamour magazine that she was not […]

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More Mothers Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment

By Jeannie Colter 
In “A Mother’s Story of Alcohol Addiction and Redemption,” we discussed a magazine interview in which a mother outlined how she turned to alcohol to cope with feeling a lot of stress and pressure. At Transitions Recovery, we meet people from a variety of backgrounds and offer competent and compassionate care for those who want to break […]

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