Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs Can Prevent Misuse

There was a national prescription drug “take-back” event this past weekend and according to the website WebMD, “People turned in more than 552,161 pounds of unwanted or expired medications at the [previous] drug take-back event, held in April. Even if you missed it, you still need to be aware of the dangers of prescription drug abuse and misuse that can […]

Social Media Shows Teens Images that Encourage Substance Abuse

Sometimes when people decide they need to go into an addiction recovery program for drug abuse or alcoholism, they have been involved with substance abuse for a long time. If we can reach pre-teens and teens before the being to drink heavily or abuse drugs we can keep them on course. Young people are not only getting messages about […]

Professional Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

You’ve probably heard or read somewhere that our fast-paced society brings on anxiety and that people are more anxious that ever. Some of us may be a little scattered or flustered in the face of long to-do lists. Others, however, suffer from one of the biologically based mental illnesses known as anxiety disorders. These people start to avoid everyday […]

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Substance Abuse Increasing Among Military Personnel

The Institutes of Medicine reported that alcohol abuse and substance abuse has increased among people in the military and this development is now causing some alarm. Bloomsberg Businessweek referred to a report from the Institutes of Medicine that cited that both prescription drug abuse and overindulging in alcohol is a big issue for military personnel. In 2008 about one-fifth […]

Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

The Nashua Telegraph reports that experts in New Hampshire met to discuss “the growing link between prescription drug abuse and suicide.” They can attribute this disturbing trend to budget cuts that have decreased funding for substance abuse programs and to the fact that more prescription drugs are readily available: “A massive increase in the availability of drugs – 83 […]

TRAINSPOTTING Author Discusses the Nature of Heroin Addiction

Irvine Welsh, the author of Trainspotting, a story in which young Scottish men who are adrift turn to heroin, has written a prequel to that novel that was made into a well-known movie. He spoke to NPR about his work and the nature of addiction.
Walsh, who overcame heroin addiction himself, talked about how lack of opportunity leads people to […]

Intensive Out Patient Programs are Integrated into Your Daily Routines

While one of the 12 steps involves admitting powerlessness over addiction, it does not necessarily entail that you must admit this to everyone you know. This does not mean you should carry a lot of shame or guilt, but rather that it is most important to admit this powerlessness to yourself. You can tell family members, friends and co-workers […]

Are Restaurant Workers at a Greater Risk for Alcoholism?

There are people who point to circumstances such as a difficult job or tension at home as a way to explaining their tendency to abuse alcohol. However, there are no guarantees that changing life circumstances will alter a person’s alcohol consumption. According the the Mother Nature Network, research from the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health would seem to back […]

Comedian Russell Brand Speaks Out Against Methadone

Often controversial British comedian Russell Brand can be counted on the say things that get people talking. And whether you agree with him or not, his recent comments against using methadone to treat heroin at least put the issue of addiction recovery in the news. Although an extremely effective tool in removing heroin addiction and cravings, methadone use must […]

Talking to Kids About Alcohol Abuse

Perhaps you’ve seen those public service announcements that describe parents as ‘the anti-drug’ and wondered just how true that  statement is.There is definitely some truth to it. No matter how much teens scorn their parents, they still (secretly) want their approval.  And while it is important to talk to your teens, it is even more important to talk with […]