Two States Opt to Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana

The election night news that may or may not have surprised you, depending on how much attention you’ve been paying to the issue, relates to marijuana. If you didn’t know, the citizens of Colorado and Washington State opted to legalize marijuana for recreational use and in Massachusetts doctors can now prescribe marijuana as medication.
In an opinion piece for the […]

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Heroin Addict Had Touching Words for His Mother

The Oregonian had followed the story of Alec Bates, a young man who struggles to end an addiction to heroin for years and sadly, the publication also had to ultimately record the story of his demise. Bates’ mother Connie Miller spoke of the devastation she felt she when she saw him panhandling and he was so strung out he […]

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“Octomom” Enters Rehab, Says She is ‘Finding her Voice’

Various media outlets have reported that Nadya Sulemon, who is also known as “Octomom” because she carried eight children at once after having fertility treatments, has decided to enter an addiction recovery program for an addiction to Xanax. Sulemon was a mother of six before having octuplets and she has been vilified in the media. In a statement released […]

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Denzel Washington’s Movie ‘Flight’ Portrays a High-Functioning Addict

The movie ‘Flight,’ which stars Denzel Washington is getting a lot of buzz… and some of it is because it centers on a professional who does his work while buzzed. Washington plays Whip Whitaker, an experienced airplane pilot who is under the influence when he keeps the plane he is flying from crashing. Based on commercials and articles, many […]

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Brad Pitt Discusses Past Drug Use and War on Drugs

While a lot of people have been talking about his new perfume ads, Brad Pitt has been talking about a new documentary that takes a close look at illegal drug abuse and the high-profile actor has a lot to say. 
Pitt teamed up with director Eugene Jarecki and was an executive producer on the film “The House I Live In” […]

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Flesh-Eating Cocaine is Truly Frightening

You think tales about flesh-eating zombies are scary? What about the real-life story of flesh-eating cocaine?
Last year, it was discovered that cocaine that was cut with a veterinary drug that is used to rid cattle, sheep, and pigs of worms had a terrible effect on humans: it ate away at their flesh. ABC News reported that over 80 percent […]

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Get Help to Stay Sober this Halloween

The thought that one might encounter ghosts and goblins is not the only frightening thing about Halloween. This fall celebration is not just a time for children to have fun and get candy; many adults also celebrate Halloween and some adults do not intend to remain sober. reports that “Halloween is the second most dangerous day for pedestrians, […]

Does the Battle of the Sexes Apply to Addiction Recovery?

On, David Sack, M.D. asks, “Men vs. Women: Does Gender Matter in Addiction Recovery?”  After declaring that “Neither sex is better or worse off: they simply experience addiction and recovery in different ways,” Sack then examines different areas of addiction recover and decides whether men or women “win.”
Overall, it seems that substance abuse is more prevalent among men […]

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Former Nurse Wants to Help Others Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse

A former Canadian nurse is hoping that sharing her story of prescription drug addiction will help others to learn from her missteps. People who work in the medical field have stressful work and long hours. Even vast medical knowledge does not prevent someone from falling prey to the temptation of abusing drugs.
After decades of working as a nurse, Brenda […]

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The Connection Between Gambling and Alcohol Addiction

Addictive behaviors are not limited to those who succumb to drug addiction or alcoholism. While people who find themselves addicted to a substance may have a chemical reaction to that substance, they are also engaging in a compulsive behavior that they have difficulty controlling. And there is help available for people who engage in compulsive behaviors, whether or not […]

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