Addiction Rehabilitation Centers Help Rebuild Lives

By Jeannie Colter
With our modern desire to make things quick and easy, the word “rehabilitation” has been shortened to “rehab” and sometimes when using that abbreviation we forget what rehabilitation really means. Choosing to enter into an addiction rehabilitation center is not just about ending an addiction; it is also about embracing a new way of life. You may […]

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Reality-Based Residential Miami, Florida Drug Rehab

By Jeannie Colter
These days the meaning of the words “reality” has been twisted and when we hear that word, the first thing that may come to mind are reality television programs that, while not scripted, do not exactly depict real life. For many of us, reality is nowhere near as entertaining as what we see on many of the […]

Miami, Florida Drug Rehab Offers Several Payment Options

By Jeannie Colter
Last week, we wrote that addiction recovery begins with a decision. And as difficult as it can be to decide to seek help, some face another barrier: finding the resources to cover the costs of treatment. In addition to the stigma that is sometimes connected to substance abuse treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, some people who […]

Choosing Between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

By Jeannie Colter
Addiction recovery begins with a decision. You have to decide that you want to be well and whole and stop living the kind of fractured life that one lives when alcohol or substance abuse takes over. When you decide that it is time to go to rehab, you have another decision—what kind of program would best suit […]

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Four Questions About Alcohol Abuse You Were Afraid to Ask

A Washington Post article answered some of the questions you may have had about alcohol consumption but were afraid to ask:
Why can the average man drink more than the average woman? The program director for the Division of Metabolism and Health Effects at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is quoted as saying,
“Men have more body water, […]

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Promoting Addiction Recovery Success

In a Huffington Post blog titled, “Can We Please Stop Stigmatizing Addiction, Recovery and Lindsay Lohan?” Deni Carise, a scientist and clinician in the field of substance abuse recovery makes a case for why more than one stint in a drug and alcohol rehab center is not necessarily an indication of failure. She is honest about Lohan’s behavior, her […]

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Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

By: Thom Gorman
A first class drug abuse and drug addiction treatment facility will approach these problems in several different ways, in order to fully help the broadest range of clients. Custom tailored programs should be able to draw methods from the medical, psychological, therapeutic, and self-help fields that can be formed into a comprehensive, yet individualized drug abuse or […]

What Is the Difference Between Drug Abuse and Addiction?

By: Thom Gorman 
In my days as a motorcyclist I was constantly in the company of gang members or independents whose income and lives revolved around the drug trade. They transported drugs, they sold drugs and they used drugs and some practiced drug abuse. Often they used different drugs at the same time and everybody used alcohol.
I worked in several […]

What Is Drug Abuse

What is drug abuse?
By: Thom Gorman 
When I was asked to write this article, I gave it a lot of thought and did some heavy-duty reflection. Since I have been an alcohol abuser, in the past I felt that I could honestly deal with the subject and attempt to answer the question, “What is Drug Abuse?”
I was deeply involved […]

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Choosing a Florida Drug Rehab Center

Selecting a Florida Drug Rehab Center
By: Thom Gorman | Published: 11/30/2012
Coming to grips with the fact that you or someone you love has a drug abuse or drug addiction problem is the first step in a cure. There is little else that can have the dire effects on a family – legally, financially and relationship-wise than having an addicted […]

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