Feds Tackle Florida to Connecticut Prescription Drug Smuggling

By Jeannie Colter
It is possible the drug abuse and drug addiction in Connecticut is not what you think it is. Despite the changes in our society, many people still think of illicit drug use as something that only happens in dangerous areas or to people who don’t seem to be doing much in life. This is far from true. […]

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Arianna Huffington’s Daughter Discusses Cocaine Addiction

By Jeannie Colter
Christina Huffington is the daughter of wealthy and well-known parents—her mother is Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington and her father is a former congressman—with many of the advantages that come along with being a child or privilege but disappointed and addiction don’t have any boundaries. In a revealing interview, Huffington told Glamour magazine that she was not […]

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More Mothers Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment

By Jeannie Colter 
In “A Mother’s Story of Alcohol Addiction and Redemption,” we discussed a magazine interview in which a mother outlined how she turned to alcohol to cope with feeling a lot of stress and pressure. At Transitions Recovery, we meet people from a variety of backgrounds and offer competent and compassionate care for those who want to break […]

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Study Links Smoking and Alcohol Abuse

By Jeannie Colter
In many social settings, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are things that seem to go hand in hand. It may be that when people see others they admire and think look sophisticated doing both of those things, they followed suit. Imitating what seems popular surely factors in to a number of human behaviors but now research has […]

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Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Discusses Overcoming Addiction

By Jeannie Colter
Anyone who thinks having money and or gaining fame will erase his or her problems only has to consider the number of celebrities who have acknowledged their need to check into a drug treatment center to know that this is not the case. While a lot of money can certainly ease some of a person’s troubles, it […]

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TV Star who was Candid about Drug Rehab Treatment Passes Away

By Jeannie Colter
Family, friends and fans of and of his work, especially those who loved him on the television show “Glee,” are mourning the death of performer Corey Monteith.  Monteith was found dead in a hotel room last weekend. The Washington Post noted that the Canadian actor drove 20 hours from Vancouver in order to reach Los Angeles and […]

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A Drug Rehab Center with a Relaxed Setting that Gets Results

By Jeannie Colter
Our peaceful, secluded drug rehab center in North Miami Beach, Florida, provides the ideal setting for those seeking drug treatment or alcohol abuse treatment but please don’t think that providing a relaxing setting is an indication that we allow our patients to vacation. There is a pool, volleyball and tennis courts, and believe it or not all […]

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Myths About Seeking Help at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

By Jeannie Colter
In “Breaking Down the Myths about Substance Abuse Treatment,” World of Psychology examines some misguided beliefs that may be getting in the way of you or a loved one seeking help at a drug and alcohol treatment center. We know how hard it is to take that first step and how tempting it can be to hold […]

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A Mother’s Story of Alcohol Addiction and Redemption

By Jeannie Colter
In “Why More Young Moms are Turning to Drugs and Alcohol,” Glamour magazine interviewed Colleen to discuss why she succumbed to addiction and what made her finally seek drug and alcohol treatment. Colleen says she did not drink while pregnant, dating the man she married, and that she even gave up alcohol for a year once to […]

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A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Gets to the Root of Addiction

By Jeannie Colter
In a time when many people specialize and focus on one specific aspect of their work or industry, you may wonder why Transitions is a drug and alcohol rehab center and not a place that focuses solely on helping people end just drug abuse or just alcohol abuse. Wouldn’t it better to just concentrate on one? That […]

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